Multi-Flavor Machines


This pressurized, 9 flavor soft serve machine delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint. By fully incorporating the flavor in every bite of soft serve, this freezer produces the highest quality, most consistent and profitable product you can serve. Simply press a button to select flavors! The easy-to-operate features include: easy syrup adjustments, one button flavor selection and no complicated attachments. This machine is perfect for high volume establishments wanting to serve superior-quality, smooth and creamy ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato. Great for co-branding concepts as well as college cafeterias, buffets and adding additional flavors to any shops.


The Electro Freeze Advantage

  • 9 Flavors To Choose From contained in 32oz. syrup containers located in the cabinet. Dispense the base product alone or press a button to infuse the product with one of 8 additional flavors.
  • The Finest Frozen Product, consistently the best frozen product available. Smooth, creamy and profitable
  • Product Flexibility serves a variety of frozen products, custard, ice cream sorbets, water ice or yogurt
  • Flexible Mix Holding System pumps directly from bags or from mix containers
  • Patented Mix Transfer System* simplest and most reliable pressurized system available
  • Self Closing Spigots prevents the mess and eliminates waste
  • Exclusive Auger Design gently blends, reducing agitation, maintaining product quality and consistency.
  • Energy Conservation Mode reduces energy cost and holds product safely during non-business hours.
  • Superior Low Temperature Refrigeration System provides the best in class production and product quality.
  • Experience Tells Electro Freeze has been manufacturing quality frozen treat machines since 1929.

Wadden 24 Flavor System

It’s time to revive your menu and boost your profits with the 24 Flavor System. Stimulate sales with a refreshing array of delicious flavors and combinations that will inspire your customers & keep them coming back again & again! It takes just seconds for you to offer your customers the delicious flavors and unbelievable candy combinations your competition can’t dream of having.

Imagine offering peanut butter soft serve with peanut butter cups mixed in!! How about cookies and cream soft serve with real Oreo cookies blended in. Or just keep it simple with delicious flavors like blueberry, banana, pistachio, or cheesecake. 24 Flavors of soft serve ice cream or custard, yogurt, shakes, slush & artic swirls. Mix in candies! The possibilities are truly endless with the 24 Flavor system.









115 Volts, 2.1 amps

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  • With 24 flavors of soft serve, shakes, & candy mix-ins. Off it all in a cup or cone in seconds!


  • By drawing away from your competition & even seeing your existing customers more often.


  • By up-charging for items made with all the natural, delicious nonfat, & no sugar added flavors!
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